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  1. One More Wound (Israel and the Armenian Holocaust)
  2. The Lessons of History (Passover 2021)
  3. Testing Voices (2)
  4. Words Falling to the Ground (1)
  5. Against All Odds
  6. A Paper Crown
  7. Good Sealing, Imprint and a Scarlet Thread – (Yom Kippur 2020)
  8. The Fast of the Fifth Month – Tishah B’Av*
  9. No king, No Ephod
  10. Adom, Dam, Adama, Adam
  11. Orthodox Jews and the Corona Passover
  12. Communion and Two Altars (2) – part two of the Altar series
  13. Between Two Altars (1) – part one of the Altar series, relating to the Tabernacle
  14. An Ear – The inner ear and our ability to hear in new ways (Purim 2020)
  15. A Historic Hour – The Deal of the Century orchestrated by Trump
  16. That Little Man In The Eye (International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  17. Between Jerusalem and Athens (Hannukkah and Zionism)
  18. Water (celebrating the end of Sukkot with the Joy of Water-Drawing ceremony. Water and the Word of God.
  19. Betrayal, Shame, and Forgiving Both Fathers (Testimonies of the power of forgiveness – from our recent Tabernacle Seminar for English speakers held in Israel).
  20. Selichot (forgiveness – Yom Kippur)
  21. Will You Let Him Tabernacle Within You? (an invitation to our next Tabernacle seminar in English that will be held in Israel on March 2020).
  22. Tisha B’Av and the Aaronic Blessing 
  23. Faces or Mask? (A Midrash for Shavuot – No other gods BEFORE – in Hebrew, Faces. What/who is God’s Faces? Naomi turning to Marah (bitter) and vice versa; the hidden Redeemer)
  24. The Answer to Terror (Yom Hazikaron – Soldiers’ Memorial Day; Solidarity; The wounded rift God showed me; the root issue)
  25. Table Vs. Stage  (the original pattern – worshiping God at the Table of Showbread and not on the Bima)
  26. “I Want an Honest Answer…” (Purim party for Holocaust survivors with Ruth Fazal; God’s hiddeness in the book of Ruth)
  27. A Red Heifer and an Eternal Lamb (red heifer, sacrifice display in Jerusalem, temple institute preparing for third temple to be built; preparation for the second English speakers Tabernacle seminar in Israel)
  28. The Love Revolution (Healing, forgiveness and love between Jews and Arabs)
  29. Peace, Dentures and Soccer Balls (no-man’s land in Jerusalem)
  30. Island of Peace – Jordan journey 11
  31. Beit Lehem and Glue – Jordan journey 10
  32. Sleeping Beauty – Jordan journey 9
  33. He Had Set Eternity in Their Hearts (Sukkot party with the survivors)
  34. A Rainbow, a Bridge and a Genocide (Armenia; a bridge between Armenia and Israel; Conference in Nazareth with Arab young adults teaching about Biblical feasts and the Hidden Faces)
  35. Our Thorns, His Glory (Sukkot; Tabernacle at Mt. Zion Hotel by invitation of the Christian Embassy; preparation for Sukkot party for the survivors)
  36. There Ends A Year (Rosh Hashana 2018, teaching the Tabernacle in Armenia; a prayer conference with Arab women)
  37. Where Were You That Morning, Sarah? – Jordan journey 8
  38. Passing, Crossing and Wrestling – Jordan journey  7
  39. Falling In Love with a Region – Jordan journey 6
  40. Looking Over From Mount Nebo – Jordan journey 5
  41. A Womb, A Crib and the Dead Sea – Jordan journey  4
  42. It Is Being Produced Again – Jordan journey 3
  43. You Look Like a Ruth – Jordan journey 2
  44. Crossing Over – A Hebrewism – Jordan journey 1
  45. Ears, Eyes, Heart (God using my ear infection to enlist me to pray for the spiritual deafness of Israel)
  46. I Will Tabernacle Inside You (testimony from the first English speakers’ Tabernacle seminar in Israel)
  47. He Found Her in the Field (Yom HaHatzmaut. Israel’s 70th Independence Day)
  48. Each One Has a Name – (Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Memorial Day 2018)
  49. A Great Opportunity Missed (Moadim – missing out on the appointed times God designated)
  50. Your Blood Upon Us and Our Sons (Reuven and Benjamin Berger’s meeting during the Feast of Esther – a call for repentance and unity among believers in the Land)
  51. Lifting Up the Cross – (A Report From the Encounter om Magdala)
  52. I am Challenged (International Women’s Day 2018 – teaching about forgiveness in Magdala)
  53. Rejoicing Hearts (Purim party for the survivors)
  54. Purim 2018
  55. All Alone (loneliness – individually and as a nation – inviting Ruths to stand alongside us in our loneliness)
  56. Is God Tabernacling Within You? (The first Tabernacle seminar in English in Israel – advertisement)
  57. I Saw the Angel of the Lord (meeting new Holocaust survivors, Hannukah party we threw for them)
  58. Nittel Nacht – (The Chassidic Reaction Cto Christmas)
  59. ooo-ee! In Those Days, at This Time (The 100 year celebration of the Battle of Beer-Sheva and ANZAC)
  60. New Publications 
  61. She Said “Yes” (Rivka Weiss and the new holocaust survivors God brought to our path)
  62. US Fall Speaking Tour Schedule 2017
  63. Atoning Without Blood (Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonment)
  64. A Tabernacle in Finland and in You (Dana’s testimony from the Tabernacle seminar we held in Finland)
  65. One Year in Pictures
  66. A Sad Goodbye (Announcing the passing of Rivka Shechman) 
  67. Who Will Stand on His Head for Her? (Jerusalem Day 2017)
  68. You Turned my Mourning into Dancing (Soldier’s Memorial Day and Israel’s Independence Day)
  69. Hidden Children – (The search for the missing Jewish children after the holocaust)
  70. Yizkor the Forgotten (Remembering the forgotten on Holocaust Memorial Day, a special night held in honor of Rivka Shechman)
  71. Sleeping Awake (Reading Song of Songs during Passover)
  72. Who Passed Over? (Pesach 2017)
  73. Don’t Leave Before You Say These Three (Pesach 2017)
  74. Travelling and Teaching (England, Finland, USA and Israel 2017)
  75. A Bible Book that Hides Him (Purim and the book of Esther)
  76. A Little Bit of Nachat (support to Israel shown by VP Pence helping clean desecrated Jewish cemetery, UN rep Heily, and support from Australia)
  77. Tu Bi-Shvat (a celebration of nature and planting, and the gathering of the first ever Israeli Parliament – the Kneset)
  78. Wounds, Intercession, Entreating – part 2 
  79. Wounds, Intercession, Entreating – part 1 (God’s suffering and our wound)
  80. Israel Ablaze in numbers (part 2)
  81. Israel Ablaze (the fire intifada of 2016)
  82. Follow Up on Mekudeshet 
  83. Mekudeshet (a New Age/demonic festival held in Jerusalem)
  84. One Day She Will Remember Her Shame No More (Tisha B’Av – the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av – a collective day of mourning for Jews)
  85. Knock Knock – (forgiveness groups and my book Who is Knocking?)
  86. Within 10 Seconds (testimony of forgiveness, Michael from Germany)
  87. Remove the Judensau – a Petition – (a Petition to remove a grotesque plaque embossed on Luther’s church)
  88. Luther, the Pope and the Jewish Aspect (My insights following a conference held in Wittenberg, Germany)
  89. Will You Be an Orpah or a Ruth? (Shavuot – Pentacost)
  90. My Jerusalem (Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day – Jerusalem from my perspective)
  91. Staring Death in the Face (The testimony of Holocaust survivor Rivka Shechman)
  92. A Mourning Turned into Dance 2 (Yom Hazikaron – Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day)
  93. A Mourning Turned into Dance 1 (Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Memorial Day)
  94. No Bleach Required (Pesach – Passover)
  95. A widow, a Bride and the In Between (Libech – a ministry to upcoming brides in preparation for married life)
  96. The Chisinau experience
  97. Back from Chisinau
  98. Off to Chisinau