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Is God Tabernacling Within You?

What is tormenting you and causing you much pain? We all battle with various problems, sins or bad habits. For a while we may manage to defeat or control them, but then they pop up again. Maybe not as intense, but the root is still there.

Over the years we have developed a special and powerful course, designed to help the believer live his routine in the Holy of Holies and see how God’s glory replaces his or her shame. It is based on the pattern of the Tabernacle, that Moses had built. Here’s just one testimonial from a recent participant:

“The Tabernacle teaching is rich and insightful. Your spirit receives through it a deepening relational with the love of Yeshua. I’ve heard teaching on the Tabernacle before, but this one is head and shoulder above them all. The door, curtain, alter, showbread…. wow! God truly never changes and His love has been from the beginning. I was blessed, refreshed and inspired to share even more of Orna’s teaching. Thank you, Orna, for coming to my church.”

Ruby, Dalton, GA

The Tabernacle program has been taught by Orna numerous times. We are now offering it to English speakers in a new format. Want to hear more? Click on the link below: Tabernacle Brochure



“I Saw the Angel of the Lord”

“May God preserve your health, and may there be peace upon Israel. That’s all I want,” said M’ repeatedly. And again. Her husband and son began apologizing for the dementia that started developing since her last fall, which causes her to constantly repeat herself. But Silvard and I enjoyed hearing her sweet blessing and plea to God.

M’ is one of the holocaust survivors living in my town, Kfar Saba. After the sudden passing of Rivka Shechman, who’s story I brought up several times over the last few years (A Mourning Turned into Dance – Part 1Staring death in the faceYizkor the ForgottenA Sad GoodbyeHe is Always With Me), I was hoping God will connect me with other survivors. I asked for those who live in my area, so that I can connect them with the youth group and some Russian speakers at my local congregation, and expose them to more believers than just myself.

Shortly after that I received a phone call from a minister of Reach Initiative International, who works  in Jerusalem. She told me about a group of 15 holocaust survivors from my town, that have turned to them for help. But they were unable to keep in touch with them and were wondering if I would be able to take it upon myself.

“Yes, give them to me,” I lifted my hands in the air in triumph and worship. “I want to meet each and every one of them.”

And so, we started visiting them. A couple of weeks ago we invited Y’ and B’, M’ and Y’, N’ and the rest of the group, and attended a small Hanukkah party that RII threw for them. The objection some of them had to us was palpable. They struggle with anything that has to do with believers in Yeshua, and so the party started out with some arguments and power struggles. But a simple prayer we mumbled under our breaths, and much patience, changed the atmosphere.


Sharing a meal with the survivors and a couple of guests from the US

Two American girls came together with the Reach Initiative International team to sing to the survivors. When these two opened their mouths, we all shut ours. Their angelic voices touched everyone’s souls.

Never before have I heard the famous Hebrew song “Jerusalem of Gold” performed this way. A few songs later the girls began singing another Hebrew song, one of my favorites. It is based on the story of Jacob, who upon returning to Canaan (Gen. 32:11-12), asked God to pour out His mercy and save him. The tune was composed by a religious Jew, a grandchild of holocaust survivors. The girls began singing, and one of them moved among the survivors, looked each one straight in the eye and patted their hands. She apparently was able to invoke long forgotten, dormant emotions in them. The effect was thrilling, touching. Eyes shining with un-shed tears, hands stretched forward, wanting to be touched as well.


The survivor sitting next to me reached his hand and asked me to keep holding it. “It is so difficult,” he said, “so very hard.” Meaning: it was hard for him to deal with the emotions that were flooding him. “But is it good?!” I asked-determined, and he just lowered his head and kept quite.

Another survivor, who was part of the power struggle at the beginning of the party, asked to speak. Everyone was quick to hush him, fearing another fight, but he insisted. “I must tell you,” he proclaimed, “that when she sang and was holding my hand, I saw the Angel of the Lord.”

That statement was my final undoing. The Angel of the Lord! He used a term so uncommon for the Jewish mind. He didn’t say he saw God, but the Angel, the Angel who is hidden from my people.

The girls started singing another song, and at that point people got out of their chairs, stood in a circle and broke out in a happy dance of Horah. Disabled, limp, hurting… but true joy filled the room.

IMG-20180104-WA0033I’m sure I will be sharing much about this group this coming year. House calls, parties, all kinds of activities I have in mind for them. But already at this point it is clear to me that alongside the touching moments, we are heading for some struggles as well. And this is where I would love to recruit your prayers:

I need much wisdom. What to say and when? How to say it? When to bring God into the picture, in a way that would not cause them to shut down or run away, but instead open up and share?

The couple of meetings we already had with the entire group took place at a local center. I so desire to move them to my congregation’s facility. Sounds simple, but not so. Some of them regard us with much suspicion. So please pray that I am able to warm their hearts, especially those of F’ and M’, the two men who seem to have a strong opinion about us, and gain their trust.


Silvard was born in Armenia. She is a member of my congregation and speaks fluent Russian, a language I need help with with this group, as most of them do not speak Hebrew. She has been joining me on all my visits, and is thrilled at the opportunity to stay in touch with them and serve them. Please keep her in your prayers as well. I would like to be able to pay her a few hours weekly, so that she can contact each of these survivors, visit with them, listen to their stories and touch their hearts.

Nittel Nacht – the Chassidic Reaction to Christmas

While the Christian world wide lit their Christmas trees, the Chassidic Schools (Beith Midrah), where the ancient Hebrew texts written by the sages of old are taught 24/7, remained darkened and barren. Purposefully. The rabbinic students avoid studying Torah on that night, and pass their time playing chess or card games, studying foreign languages or even simply cutting toilet paper. So long as they do not study the texts. “Nittel Nacht” is the Iddish name of that night, that falls always, every year, exactly on Christmas Eve.

הלילה לא לומדי תורה (צילום: עמית לוי, אתר COL)

Chabad’s classroom on Nittel Nacht.
Some other Chassidic denominations may prefer
to go to bed early on Christmas Eve
(Photo: Amit Levi, COL)

(Photo taken by Shimi Kutner/COLlive)

The outcome? The Chassidic world, surprisingly, “celebrates” December 25th, but for reasons that are exactly the opposite of the Christian world.

Several reasons stand behind the halting of their studies specifically on that date:

The practical reason. In Europe, Christmas night was destined for persecution and attacks on the Jews. Most European countries forbade merchants from dealing with their Jewish neighbors that day anyway. The Rabbis too, preferred that their students shut themselves in their homes and not roam the streets in fear of attacks.

The mental reason. December 25 is attributed by the Rabbis to the birth of Christianity, not only of Christ. This is the same religion behind much of the destruction the Jewish people have endured over history, and so the Rabbis have turned this day into a day of mourning.

Spiritual reason. The Rabbis believe that evil inclinations are at full force that night, and so refuse to add anything positive to it.

So sad to see how much the Jewish identity of the Messiah is hidden from our eyes. But no matter how much we try to hide the One considered by our people as the greatest enemy, one way or another – this day ends up being centered around Him.

Cooo-eee! In Those Days, At This Time

November 8, 2016. The night Trump was elected as the president of the US, I boarded a plane to return to Israel from a speaking tour.

December 6, this year. Once again I was on a plane heading back home from the US, when Trump came out with his earth shaking declaration regarding Jerusalem. Hello there, anyone? Can someone please tell Mr. President he does not have to compete with me for the headlines in the Israeli  media?

Six weeks ago, an interesting event took place. Does it have anything to do with Trump’s declaration? Only God knows. In order to understand it, please join me for a short examination of a few key events on the Jewish Calendar .

October 31, 1917, 4:30 pm. Coooo-eee – the Australian battle cry, sounded on a hill outside the city of Be’er Sheva. A corps of Australian and New Zealand soldiers, who served in the British army (ANZAC), came in riding on their light horses. Against all odds, they defeated the Ottoman Turkish force that was guarding the hill, thus breaking through a way for the British empire to conquer Palestine-Israel.

Australian light horses
(image available from the Collection Database of
the Australian War Memorial, ID Number: J05987)

That was back than. Now…

October 31, 2017, 4:30 pm. The Israeli ministry “Streams in the Desert” co-hosted a conference in Be’er Sheva, with intercessors from Australia, New Zealand and others from the “ends of the earth.” The goal: to commemorate the above mentioned breakthrough event. Together we cried cooo-eee once again, this time praying for a spiritual breakthrough for our nation.

The Coooo-eee cry was most likely birthed in the bushes of Australia, and is a calling to draw near. We stood at the very spot where a physical breakthrough took place, and made the same cry, but this time invited Yeshua to draw near, to reveal His Jewish Face to His people, promising we will not reject Him.

Chief Ray, a Maori from New Zealand, performed parts of the Maori war dance, called the Haka. It is an intimidating dance, designed to scare off the enemy and set the stage for a victory.

Part 1: Chief Ray makes a  declaration in the native Maori language

Part 2: If you listen carefuly, you will hear the words
“Beer Seeba”, meaning: Be’er Sheva

The descendants of those who paved a way through to Jerusalem for the British forces 100 years ago, did something similar, this time in the spiritual realm, exactly 100 years later.

Let’s flip once more through the pages of the Jewish calendar.

November 2, 1917. Two days after that ground breaking battle of Be’er Sheva, the Lord Balfour issued his famous declaration. Note the Jewish date: the 17th day of the month of Cheshvan, 5678.

December 6, 2017. Trump declares that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This took place on the night between the 17th and the 18th of Kislev, 5778. Meaning, 100 years + 1 month.

December 9, 1917.  Jerusalem surrendered without fight to the British armies, thus renewing Christian control of Jerusalem, a control that was lost hundreds of years earlier, when the crusaders left Israel. Two days later, on December 11, 1917, General Allenby rode into Jerusalem, climbed off his white horse, and walked to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where he received the official surender of the Ottomans.

הגנרל אלנבי מגיע לירושלים

The British General Allenby marching into Jerusalem
(Picture credentials: Underwood & Underwood)

On the eve of Allenby’s grand entrance into Jerusalem, the Jews who lived in the city lit the first candle of Hanukkah, and welcomed the miracles and wonders, the salvation and comfort. “As in those days, so in this time.”

A special prayer vigil was held in London in honor of the event. The Westminster church bell was rang for the first time in three years. All the churches in Rome rang their bells for a whole hour and in Paris, a special mass was held at the Notre Dame church. No need to expend here about the response from London, Rome and Paris following Trump’s announcement, 100 years later. Even in Jerusalem, among the Jews, there are many un-happy voices that were raised in reaction to Trump’s declaration. Fear of riots, international rejection, and a deep rooted lie concerning the irrelevance of Jerusalem are probably some of the main reasons.

Coooo-eee with us, friends. Our widowed nation does not recognize her Husband, and is struggling to see how He is the one who restores her back in her land, and eventually back to Him. Once more many of us are motivated by fear of men, and by poor understanding of our election and calling. Stand with us and pray for our eyes to open, and for all of us to welcome The General, who marched on a donkey into the same city, but she did not yet surrender.

New Publications

This past year was a very busy and fruitful one as far as our publications are concerned. We have a few new products available for purchase.

Who Is Knocking Series 

We have added a Study Guide as an accompaniment to my book “Who Is Knocking on Your Door?” as well as a bookmark detailing the simple, yet profound steps that can help you attain true forgiveness and freedom.

His Faces

Our newest book explains the horrors and terrible suffering the Jewish nation has undergone throughout its history, and calls on the church to actively participate in the healing process of restoring Israel from her widowhood.

his faces2

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For more information about these and our other products, please visit our Store and Resources pages.

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We hope you find these resources helpful and would love to hear your feedback.



She Said “Yes”

“I have no feet, I cannot walk. I hardly hear or see, but I am healthy,” declares Rivka Weiss, who spends most of her days in her living room armchair. “And I have good genes, the kind of genes that survived Auschwitz.”

Rivka loves taking her guests through an album she created,
with pictures that tell of Israel’s modern history.
The IDF sends soldiers to her regularly, to hear her story and learn from her

She tells how she used to believe in God until Hitler came and her entire family was gone. That since than she believes in fate only. Fate is what took care of her and fate is what prevented Dr. Mengale from engaging her in all his sick experiments.

Something great happened this week. Friends of mine, who minister to Holocaust Survivors in her area, kept visiting her regularly, but could never really share about God. There was always someone near by, watching and listening. This time my friends had a whole hour with Rivka all alone.

They told her about God’s love, and that He is the one that saved her life, not just a blind fate. They told her that He still loves her, through Yeshua. That He wants to fill her heart with peace and eternal joy.

Rivka listened, and expressed her desire to invite Him into her life. For the first time she said “Yes” to the God she thought did not exist.

These friends will continue to visit her regularly, check on her and hopefully lead her deeper into a living and real relationship with God. Would you please pray for her salvation, for a deep peace to take over her troubled heart and broken body, and for the Jewish Face of our Messiah to be revealed to her?


I have been asking God to bring me to Holocaust Survivors in my area, so I can get my congregation involved and be able to visit them more often.

About a month ago I was contacted by Chosen People Ministries. Apparently, they have about 15 of them on their lists, living within a few minutes’ walk from me, but they are unable to visit them regularly, as their hands are full with those in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I felt so honored to be considered by God worthy of contacting these 15 precious souls.


Together with CPM we threw a little party for them on the Feast of Tabernacles, and are planning to set up regular visits and even a fun club activity every month or two.

When we finished eating, one of them started singing about his longing for his mama. He is over 80, and the longing is still there.

Our goal is to relieve their loneliness, but above all – to expose them to God’s love, so that all of them will eventually say YES to the Lover of their soul, whom they perceive to be either non-existent or an enemy.

If you have these precious broken people on your heart, please join me in prayer for their salvation. The arrow I shoot towards the target whenever I pray for them is based on Hebrews 2:15: “God, release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage!”

May He shine His Faces towards them and be gracious to them, may He lift up His Faces upon them and give them peace. Soften their hearts and cause them to put Your name upon themselves so that you will bless them (see Num. 6:24-27).

US Fall Speaking Tour Schedule

As my Fall speaking tour to the US is fast approaching, here are the dates and locations I will be at. For more information, please contact my assistant, Adi, at (706) 591-5887 or by email at

If you are anywhere in the vicinity, please come join us.

November 5th, 9am, 11am – Covenant Life Worship Center, Chickamauga, Ga. Contact (706) 375-5286

November 8th & 9th. 6:30pm (on both nights). The Well Family Worship Center, Scottsboro, AL. Contact (256) 783-4079

November 10th-12th. Forgiveness/Tabernacle seminar. Fellowship Bible Church, 2044 Dug Gap Rd., Dalton, GA. 30720. For information about times please call Ramona (706) 278-6269. Or Kirby (706) 313-5922

November 13th, 6pm. Praying Friends of the Bridegroom. Chattanooga, TN. For information on location please call Adi at (706) 591-5887

November 17th, The Father’s House campus in Napa, CA. Beit Abba Ministry. 2557 Napa Valley Corporate Dr., Napa, CA. 94558. Contact (706) 591-5887

December 2nd, 10:30am Shomair Israel congregation, 2554 Sutherland Ave., Knoxville, TN. 37919. Send a text message to (865) 414-9935

December 2nd-4th. Tabernacle seminar for WOMEN ONLY, Knoxville. For registration and information on exact times send a text message to (865) 414-9935

I look forward to seeing you!


PS – If any of you is in Israel and flying back to the US in the next couple of weeks, please contact us. Thanks!