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This past year was a very busy and fruitful one as far as our publications are concerned. We have a few new products available for purchase.

Who Is Knocking Series 

We have added a Study Guide as an accompaniment to my book “Who Is Knocking on Your Door?” as well as a bookmark detailing the simple, yet profound steps that can help you attain true forgiveness and freedom.

His Faces

Our newest book explains the horrors and terrible suffering the Jewish nation has undergone throughout its history, and calls on the church to actively participate in the healing process of restoring Israel from her widowhood.

his faces2

**For any five books ordered, you will receive the sixth one for free (of the lesser value).

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She said “Yes”

“I have no feet, I cannot walk. I hardly hear or see, but I am healthy,” declares Rivka Weiss, who spends most of her days in her living room armchair. “And I have good genes, the kind of genes that survived Auschwitz.”

Rivka loves taking her guests through an album she created,
with pictures that tell of Israel’s modern history.
The IDF sends soldiers to her regularly, to hear her story and learn from her

She tells how she used to believe in God until Hitler came and her entire family was gone. That since than she believes in fate only. Fate is what took care of her and fate is what prevented Dr. Mengale from engaging her in all his sick experiments.

Something great happened this week. Friends of mine, who minister to Holocaust Survivors in her area, kept visiting her regularly, but could never really share about God. There was always someone near by, watching and listening. This time my friends had a whole hour with Rivka all alone.

They told her about God’s love, and that He is the one that saved her life, not just a blind fate. They told her that He still loves her, through Yeshua. That He wants to fill her heart with peace and eternal joy.

Rivka listened, and expressed her desire to invite Him into her life. For the first time she said “Yes” to the God she thought did not exist.

These friends will continue to visit her regularly, check on her and hopefully lead her deeper into a living and real relationship with God. Would you please pray for her salvation, for a deep peace to take over her troubled heart and broken body, and for the Jewish Face of our Messiah to be revealed to her?


I have been asking God to bring me to Holocaust Survivors in my area, so I can get my congregation involved and be able to visit them more often.

About a month ago I was contacted by Chosen People Ministries. Apparently, they have about 15 of them on their lists, living within a few minutes’ walk from me, but they are unable to visit them regularly, as their hands are full with those in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I felt so honored to be considered by God worthy of contacting these 15 precious souls.


Together with CPM we threw a little party for them on the Feast of Tabernacles, and are planning to set up regular visits and even a fun club activity every month or two.

When we finished eating, one of them started singing about his longing for his mama. He is over 80, and the longing is still there.

Our goal is to relieve their loneliness, but above all – to expose them to God’s love, so that all of them will eventually say YES to the Lover of their soul, whom they perceive to be either non-existent or an enemy.

If you have these precious broken people on your heart, please join me in prayer for their salvation. The arrow I shoot towards the target whenever I pray for them is based on Hebrews 2:15: “God, release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage!”

May He shine His Faces towards them and be gracious to them, may He lift up His Faces upon them and give them peace. Soften their hearts and cause them to put Your name upon themselves so that you will bless them (see Num. 6:24-27).

US Fall speaking tour schedule

As my Fall speaking tour to the US is fast approaching, here are the dates and locations I will be at. For more information, please contact my assistant, Adi, at (706) 591-5887 or by email at

If you are anywhere in the vicinity, please come join us.

November 5th, 9am, 11am – Covenant Life Worship Center, Chickamauga, Ga. Contact (706) 375-5286

November 8th & 9th. 6:30pm (on both nights). The Well Family Worship Center, Scottsboro, AL. Contact (256) 783-4079

November 10th-12th. Forgiveness/Tabernacle seminar. Fellowship Bible Church, 2044 Dug Gap Rd., Dalton, GA. 30720. For information about times please call Ramona (706) 278-6269. Or Kirby (706) 313-5922

November 13th, 6pm. Praying Friends of the Bridegroom. Chattanooga, TN. For information on location please call Adi at (706) 591-5887

November 17th, The Father’s House campus in Napa, CA. Beit Abba Ministry. 2557 Napa Valley Corporate Dr., Napa, CA. 94558. Contact (706) 591-5887

December 2nd, 10:30am Shomair Israel congregation, 2554 Sutherland Ave., Knoxville, TN. 37919. Send a text message to (865) 414-9935

December 2nd-4th. Tabernacle seminar for WOMEN ONLY, Knoxville. For registration and information on exact times send a text message to (865) 414-9935

I look forward to seeing you!


PS – If any of you is in Israel and flying back to the US in the next couple of weeks, please contact us. Thanks!


Atoning without blood

Image result for ‫תרנגול כפרות‬‎

Is it possible? Can anyone atone for sins and receive forgiveness without the shedding of pure blood?

Leviticus 17:11 is only one verse out of many that explains how it works: a pure and sinless soul (blood) has to be poured for a sinful soul to be covered.

With the destruction of the Second Temple (70 AD), the sacrificial system was destroyed as well. So how can a practicing Jew stand before God without shedding of blood? Many ideas developed through the ages, to provide for this lack. One of them is the sacrifice of roosters – a practice that can be seen in many places around Israel as the Holiest Day of the year is about to launch, the Day of Atonement.

They buy a rooster, wave it around their heads in circular motion and say the following prayer:

This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my atonement. This rooster will go to its death, while I will enter and proceed to a good long life and to peace.

Image result for ‫פדיון כפרות‬‎

Than they slaughter the rooster and give it to the poor.

Many Jews despise this practice and replace the chicken with money. They circle coins over their heads and say a similar prayer.

The point remains: a whole nation is faced with a severe fact. We are sinful, we need to draw near to God, but we can’t do it without a price.

As this Holy Day approaches (in just a few hours), I  invite you to pray for a People that sit in darkness, that understand intuitively some spiritual important principles, but come up with men-made solutions that only add to our sinfulness.

Many in our nation will spend the next 25 hours in synagogues, looking for some relief for their enormous guilt, hoping to turn a new page with God, not knowing He had already provided – a Lamb! Not a rooster. Not knowing the price has already been paid. Fully, completely!

Our local congregation, as many other Messianic congregations across the country, will fast with the nation and gather to pray. I will be praying for eyes to be opened, for God to reveal the Jewish Face of His Son to His people, even as they read ancient prayers. I will pray that words will pop out of the prayer book and be filled with true meaning. And that the fast and long prayers will not satisfy their need to be rid of their guilt, that they will look for the Real Thing!

For the Salvation of Israel!

A Tabernacle in Finland and in you

Dana immigrated to Israel from Latvia eight years ago, and married a good friend of mine. In her homeland she was working as a lawyer for the central bank. In Israel she wanted to seek a different path for fulfillment.



A few years ago she attended a couple of our seminars and Tabernacle workshops, and diligently applied the teaching. Her life was impacted in many ways, to the point she even started coaching others via Skype, and with much success.

Last month she joined me on a ministry trip to Finland. I will let her share the story:

Ever since I heard Orna’s teaching about building a Tabernacle in our hearts, I became a “fan” of it. I love to apply it in my own life and share it with others. And I especially love the work that we all need to do at the Brazen Altar – meaning, repentance and forgiveness. Once I applied it and realized the quick and deep transformation it brings into my life, I made it a part of my routine. It became my main way of dealing with any struggle or hardship.

My husband and I run a small family tourism business. Two weeks before Orna and I left for Finland, a new customer contacted us. We communicated mostly through emails, but almost from the get go I realized that she evokes many painful feelings within me. I felt that she was extremely demanding and manipulative, and it made me anxious and distressed. I would turn my computer on, and my abdominal muscles would tighten up. There were days that this client was all I could think of. It deteriorated to the point I could not sleep or eat properly.

I started questioning if I will be able to minister in Finland and assist Orna. “Why did it need to happen now?” I wondered with much frustration.

We left a humid, crazily hot and dusty weather (Israeli summer), and could not get enough of the green view and refreshing air. While the locals were heating up their homes, Orna and I opened all the windows we could. I was constantly reminded of my childhood in Latvia, so every berry bush and booth in the market made me jump with joy. I devoured the colorful variety of wild berries, while Orna looked at me, tasted one once in a while and in most cases sealed the case with a specific expression and two plain words – “too sour”.

We were invited to teach in various places about the role of Gentiles alongside Israel in this time in history. In two places we also held long seminars, and taught about healing of wounds through the Tabernacle.

The Finish people are calm, quiet and sweet. Their facial expressions don’t always show many emotions, so at times we could not figure out what they think about our teaching and if they are practicing it. Gradually we saw God working in many hearts as they were applying the teaching and choosing to repent, forgive and agree with what the Word says.

We saw quiet tears, touched hearts and hope restored. Some of them dealt with deep childhood memories that were never touched by the Light of God. Others worked on current hurts, inflicted sometimes even by loved ones. We saw immediate results in their facial expression and in some cases, even in circumstances, once they chose to open some locked doors and let Yeshua into the pain.

One morning we discussed what we should do when we hold anything against God. One elderly lady gently commented that He is all good and loving, therefore we have no right to hold anything against Him. Right. However, we still do. A minute later she suddenly broke up, while Orna was teaching, put her pen aside, fanned her suite’s flaps and cried out, “Oh… no… I just realized how angry I am at God. Sooo angry!” Then she sat down calmly and smiled. She realized how much she was holding against God, and that she had to do something about it in order to walk in freedom. The Tabernacle provided her the means and Biblical basis to do exactly that.

Back to my struggle with the new client

Our internet connection throughout our time away was somewhat problematic, which made me quite happy. That meant: no real ability to check emails, and time off from the stressful communication with the client. But God kept knocking on various doors inside me. I was still stressed, and my stomach was still in knots.

Finally I said, “o.k., Lord. I hear your knocks”. While Orna was teaching about forgiveness, I decided to finally apply. I invited Yeshua into the facts that troubled me, the feelings and thoughts it brought up and also into my physical and emotional reactions.

Almost immediately the Holy Spirit reminded me of a traumatic childhood incident. A teacher in kindergarten had shamed me terribly and abusively, in front of all the other kids. The feelings I had back than were similar to the ones invoked by the communications with this customer.

Once I chose to forgive the client, God immediately went deeper and touched a deepest wound. I moved on in the healing process and faced the Menorah (which represents God’s Light, searching our innermost being). I realized that deep inside I don’t feel that I have control over my life, that even God is not in full control. I had a sobering moment when I understood that my fear is the one in control.

Forgiveness flooded me again, this time towards myself and that teacher. I also had to deal with what I was holding against God. I then approached the Table of Showbread (symbolizing the Word) and found a specific truth which my innermost being was starving for:

“Commit your way unto the Lord. Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. And He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday” (Psalm 37:5).

I started “eating” this portion, speaking it to myself and taking it into my innermost being, especially when the painful feelings popped up.

Later on I checked my emails. There she was again, my client. This time, to my surprise, I could look at her name with no fear. As I started reading the email, my eyes almost popped out! I ran to Orna and cried, “you must see this!” 

Her email contained no demands, no confusing suggestions, no manipulation. There was only one sentence – “You are our hero!”


Dana teaches about forgiveness and shares her testimony



Teaching the Tabernacle in Finland

As the tour continued I had several opportunities to share this story with the audience. I had a fresh testimony, still in the making. My heart was still tender and sometimes even in pain, but it was obvious that forgiveness works. So my battle turned into an invitation for our audience to walk through the Tabernacle themselves.

I was in awe when I saw how God had prepared this trip from the beginning to the end. He used my new customer to heal a deep wound I totally forgot about. I finally realized He chose the best timing for me. What seemed to be a redundant stress turned into an encouragement for others – to run for forgiveness and build a Tabernacle in their lives from the very crooked and broken areas.

You are welcome to attend

Would you like to do it yourself? Would you like to see God’s glory taking over the very broken areas in your life, changing a painful and broken area for good? It is possible and simpler than you may think. But it involves a process. The pattern of the Tabernacle explains how God wants us to do that (our book Woven With Gold describes this process in detail. It is available for purchase in Hebrew, and hopefully will also be available in English early next year. For a detailed look into the topic of forgiveness, we offer a booklet called Who is knocking on your door? (A Study Guide to accompany this booklet will be available for purchase after October 2017).

I am working on a new program, designed for English speakers. Each participant will choose a broken area in his or her life, and walk with it all the way to the Holy of Hollies, where provision, peace and victory await us.

You are invited to visit Israel and join us for an intense “walk through the Tabernacle” workshop. It will last 8-10 days and will take place in April 2018 (dates are not final yet).

If you are interested, email me, and I will send you prices and further details.


One year in pictures


As the month of July starts, I automatically get into defense mode. I defend my brain from melting in the hot and humid weather, and I set aside my tendency to run any training program. This is the time to turn on the air conditioner, reflect on the passing year and chat with God about His plans for the coming one.

I should probably include you in some of our conversations. But let’s start with a bunch of pictures I took along the way. They will do a better job than my many words, and they will give you an idea of some of my whereabouts in the passing months.

Teaching and ministry tours


I travel overseas mostly to teach about the role
of Gentiles on behalf of Israel. My US tour started in Chickamauga, GA


I believe the Gentiles who love Israel are the modern day “Ruth”,
and that they have a crucial position as a mediator between
the modern day Naomi and the Redeemer. In the picture above:
teaching about it at Second Baptist Church in LaFayette, GA


Wounded people cannot serve as healthy intercessors between God
and a wounded nation, unless their wounds are healed. Teaching
about forgiveness in Scottsboro, AL

לימוד בחול על מקום הגויים לצד ישראל באחרית הימים האלה

Recruiting Gentiles to stand alongside Israel in Birmingham, AL

גיוס גוים כרות

and in Dalton, GA

כן גם קאובויים יכולים להפוך לרות

As weird as it may sound, even cowboys can become a “Ruth”…
Trying to convince them, in a Cowboy Church, LaFayette, GA

גיוס גויים כרות1

Updating friends who already serve as “Ruths”, in Chattanooga, TN

איך שומעים את קל אלוהים דווקא דרך קשיים, שארלוט

Teaching in Charlotte, NC on hearing God’s voice
through difficulties and hardships 

סמינר משכן בחול, סופ,  משכן בחול2

Tabernacle seminar in Florida

גיוס גויים כרות, עם סטודנטים מאוניברסיטת לי

Why do we see very few miracles in Israel?
Talking about it with university students in Cleavland, TN

רות ונעמי, לוטון אנגליה

England is turning Islamic in a rapid pace. The lovers of Israel in England are not many, and they are always so hungry to learn more on their role on behalf
of modern Israel. Teaching in Luton on April 

סמינר משכן, טורקו, פינלנד

In Finland, May 2017

אינקרי שהתה בארץ מספר חודשים, ובמהלכם הצטרפה לסדנה שלנו. בפינלנד היא שימשה כמתרגמת במהלך הסמינ

Inkeri (on the right) came from Finland to minister in Israel for a while and attended one of the long term workshops we lead.
On May I traveled to Finland, and enjoyed her aid as my interpreter in Turku

לימוד במקומות שונים בפינלנד

Teaching about the Messiah who is hidden from our nation, in Helsinki

נורבגיה, סמינר משכן.JPG1

Conducting a Tabernacle Seminar in Bergen, Norway


The first session of the seminar was bout the gate, which represents salvation.
Jakob Arnt is the leader who invited me to hold this seminar. Here he enters
His gates with thanksgiving in his heart And His courts with praise!

Home front – ministering to holocaust survivors 

Rivka W’ has been home bound for the past five years. We visited and provided companionship and some aid. Rivka is singing here with Bracha – a Dutch “Ruth” – who comes to Israel twice a year in order to make the survivors’
hearts rejoice! (more about that in
 You turned my mourning into dancing)

עם רבקה שכמן

Rivka Shechman was a dear friend we recently had to say our good-byes to
(read about it at A sad goodbye). Here are snapshots from some
precious moments we had with her. This one was taken 
a special evening we held in her honor (see Yizkor the forgotten)

משמחים את ליבה של רבקה, ערב קריאה מספר השירים שלה שהוצאנו לאור. צרפי הפניה לעדכון שבו הרחבתי על כ

שיפוצים בבית של רבקה שכמן

She fell in love with Kirby, a “Ruth” who came from
the US to paint her house and soften Rivka’s heart towards God

Picture1Kirby realized that Rivka appreciates the language of arts, and placed in her hands an English Bible. Rivka could not resist that. She set on her sofa and was impressed with the art accompanying the text

ארוחת ערב עם חברים שבאו לשרת בישראל

Enjoying a meal with the team that came to paint Rivk’s home
and give of their time to help the Body in Israel.
I am still repenting of the crazy deserts we had later on

סיוע הומניטרים לזוג מהדרום, הביל לניצול שואה.JPG1

סיוע הומניטרים לזוג מהדרום, הביל לניצול שואה.JPG2

Humanitarian aid given to an elderly couple in Be’er Sheva.
The husband is a Holocaust Survivor

All kinds of training programs

 ישיבות היגוי של תכנית הכשרה לסטודנטים משיחיים, מצליח

Brainstorming with the team of “Matzliach” – a new program, designed to equip Messianic students with much needed tools as their faith comes under attack in the world of academia and the job market 

מפגשים שבועיים במסגרת מצליח

One of the weekly “Matzliach” meetings

תגלית המעיין, הכשרת תיירים שמגיעים לארץ כדי ללמוד על ישראל ועל גוף המשיח

תגלית המעיין בכפר נחום

At Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) with “Taglit HaMaayan” (Meaning: Discovery through HaMaayan). This is a new program, launched by my local congregation 

תגלית המעיין במעיין גדעון

At Gideon Spring with one of the groups of  “Taglit HaMaayan”.
This unique format enables tourists to study the Bible
on site with great teachers and apply some of it as they travel

תגלית המעיין 2 מתפללים לבטחון בגבול הצפון

We teach, for example, about prayer and the borders of Israel,
and than travel to strategic spots in order to apply that teaching

Pastor Hope Burt from New Life Church in Venice, FL, attended one of our tours. Here is what she shares:

The “Taglit HaMaayan” was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to others. I would like to bring another team.

What I most appreciated (it is rare) about the trip is the spiritual safety. The heart of repentance, redemption and restoration that the team exhibits creates an atmosphere of health, healing and heaven on earth.

עם צוות אפיקים בנגב

Training and equipping a team in the southern region. This was one of my main projects this past year, and will continue next year as well


Teaching in youth camps – one designed for teens from the south


the other one with the youth group from my home congregation
(see picture at the top of this post)



In between teaching overseas and in Israel,
I took a few weeks to write… and write…


Yap, still writing. I hope to have some of this material available
in both Hebrew and English by Fall 2017


Recording my testimony at the “One for Israel” studio



You can watch it at My testimony on One for Israel

Work only?

״הצצה קטנה לחיים הפרטיים״ - ליאת ואני סופגות מעט קרני שמש על גדת הנהר בפינלנד

Work can be so exhausting… “collapsing” on a sunny moment
in cold Finland, with my close friend Liat, who joined me during that tour


מנוחה באקווריום בצטנוגה

A moment of rest at the Tennessee aquarium 

הצצה לחיים האישיים, בכפר נחום עם אפריל המתוקה

Touring the land  

ארוחת צהריים במגבניה של עיזים בדרך לשדה בוקר

Feasting on a great meal at a goat dairy farm down south

כותל הדמעות בערד, חלק מיצירה של פסל משיחי בשם ריק ווינקה, לזכר הדואה. חובה בביקור באר

I heard about the statue “Fountain of Tears” years ago, and only this year made it there. This is a powerful piece of art, made by a Messianic believer – Rick Wiencke (
It shows where was Yeshua during the Holocaust

רגעים של נחת עם הנכדנית

A moment of pure joy with my great-niece Emmanuel

משחקים בגינה הקאנה שלי עם הנכדן

and my playful great-nephew Itamar, who calls me “DOODA”

נשיקה מהאחיינים

Catching virtual kisses from my American niece and nephew 

 Bottom line

I overloaded, overburdened myself, and over committed. Travelling is not easy for me, and my itinerary this year made it clearer than ever how long it takes for me to recover when I get back home.

So one conclusion is: I must work harder on making sure God wants me to travel so often and so much. I love teaching, and I love being among Gentiles who love us, but my main calling is to the restoration of the widow Israel, and I kind of lost balance a bit, I’m afraid. I thought I can rest a couple of days after each trip, and continue with the things I usually do here. Didn’t work. I had to say so many no’s this year to people who asked for help. Not good!

Another point I discuss with God these days: I want to make more close disciples, to train a few people on a long term commitment, walk with them through their life and equip them with the powerful tools God has loved on me.

And the last one: I need a personal assistant. One of my sisters lives in America and helps me a few hours each week with correspondence and planning. But I also need someone who lives in Israel, can travel with me and help me carry some of the load. You are welcome to pray for me along these lines.

Those of you who mention my name before the Throne when I am either too busy to do that or too negligent to remember how powerful that is – bless your hearts and spirits and mouths. I even bless your knees. I consider it a huge privilege to have you watch my back.

Some of you are co-partnering with me financially, enabling me to dedicate time and energy for all these projects. I bring you before our Father and ask Him to bless you in return.

Others are – I hope – get inspired as you read this blog, and understand Israel and her need a bit better with each post. You are all important and precious, and I cherish the fact that you even care to read, comment and support. Especially when the post is so crazily long.

A sad goodbye

This week we had to say our goodbyes to a dear friend you’ve heard me mention quite often.

Rivka Shechman was one of the Holocaust survivors we had the privilege of working with in the past few years. On June 25 we took her to a restaurant, to celebrate her 88th birthday. The following morning, on the very date of her birthday, she went out for some errands.

Apparently (we don’t have all the details), she was hit by a passing car. Shop owners, who saw that, told she seemed to be ok at the beginning, but they still called an ambulance. Her condition deteriorated quickly, and the following night she passed away.



As customary in Judaism, her funeral was held the following day. It was a beautiful tribute to the woman she was and the lives she touched.


Years ago she asked her social worker to read one of her poems titled “A Woman’s Prayer” at her gravesite, and so she did. After the grave was covered with sand, the young woman pulled out of her bag a copy of the book of poems and artwork we published for Rivka just a few short months ago. What a blessing it was for me – to know we were able to make her heart rejoice and be used to fulfill one of her wishes.


She says:

“Thank you, God, thank you for giving me long life.
Indeed, life has been rough, living constantly on the edge.
No left, no right, only moving straight ahead.
But I kept moving on.

Left with no childhood, in the dark, with fear, in the cold and loneliness.
Always moving straight ahead, for there was no left and no right.
I experienced wars, wandered in foreign lands,
fought against wolves, who were hungry, just like me.
And against people, who were far worse than the wolves.
With snakes of all kinds.
And actually, God, snakes can show mercy.

I am still living on the edge, and I thank you, God,
for helping me raise a family, children, grandchildren.
For touching happiness though always left lonely.
I had no shoulder to cry on, no one to stand by my side.

When the soul hurts, you can’t see it.
The heart bleeds, the eyes so sad and downcast.
But people want happiness and joy.

So yes, God, I was not born to be happy myself,
I was born to bring joy to others, that they may be happy,
and with them I too will be.

God, you, who are so much greater than all of us,
please protect the children, the grandchildren, my relatives,
neighbors and friends.
Please forget not the woman, that is still living on the edge,
always with you, always Yours”.

Amen. Amen

Rivka’s sons at her burial

Some of you have sown from your time, came to Israel to paint her home, and donated into the Holocaust Fund I started a few years ago. This has enabled us to make Rivka’s heart rejoice. We fixed some stuff in her home, took her out, listened to her stories, and slowly slowly she came out of a depressive cloud that was over her. Thank you for co-partnering with us in this pure and undefiled act of worship (James 1:27).

Please join us in prayer for her family and loved ones. Her sons are overwhelmed with the care God lavished on their mom through people who didn’t even know her, who are not even Jewish. This might be one more way He wants to reveal His Face to this family.