Will You Let Him Tabernacle Within You?

What is causing you so much pain, tormenting you and pushing your buttons, so to speak? We all have our battlegrounds – problems, sins or bad habits we seem to never get rid of. For a while we may manage to defeat or control them, but then they rear up their ugly heads all over again. The root is still there.

Over the years we have developed a special and powerful course, designed to help the believer live life in a manner in which God’s glory replaces the shame, the guilt and the fear – a tool that is designed exactly for this purpose of gaining victory over these battlegrounds. This course is based on the pattern of the Tabernacle built by Moses.

For years this teaching was only available fully in Hebrew, but these past couple of years we have developed an English program, taught over a span of 10 intensive, yet liberating days. Our next course will be held in March of 2020 (the 22nd-31st). Registration is now open. If you are interested in more details, please contact us at otoomofet@gmail.com

To read more about our previous course offered last year and some of the testimonies, click here.

The half scaled model of the Tabernacle we use as we teach about each of the furnishings and tools found in it and how they apply to us today. 

5 thoughts on “Will You Let Him Tabernacle Within You?”

  1. Hi Orna

    Please send us details of your Course for March 22-31 2020. Both myself and friend Alexis Tulloch (alexistulloch@hotmail) are interested.

    Thanks Xx Antoinette

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