Lifting Up the Cross – A Report From the Encounter in Magdala

Just a quick update, to thank all of you who were standing with me prayerfully, and for all the others, who would love to know the outcome.

In preparation to the Encounter we felt that we must be aware of the need to lift up the cross. That there is a risk that forgiveness – the topic for the day – would be lifted up above it. After all, forgiveness is only a tool. A mighty one, but no more than that. I was really glad that the majority of my teaching was taking place in front of a huge cross, over looking the sea of Galilee.


Why? Because some of the attendants held a mixture of religious and philosophical views, that could have easily taken over the entire environment and discussions. Intercessory prayer has been going on ceaselessly, targeting this. I could literally see some of the prayer taking place behind the glass doors. So what could have led to a lot of tension and confusion, ended up with the cross becoming the focal point.

Each time I taught another principle, Dana stood up and shared how she applied it in her own life. Her testimony starts with much brokenness, but everyone attending could see that this is past history, that she is so different than what she was describing. When they understood that the main reason for that transformation is non other than forgiveness, it inspired them to give it a try.


Approximately 30% of the attendants were Arabs. We felt that something important was sown into these hearts. Once you realize that no matter how much you suffer, there is always something you can do; that you do not have to remain a victim of someone else’s ignorance, cruelty or policy; that holding on to the pain is your choice but not a must, that forgiveness works, it breathes so much hope.

Yes, seeds of hope have been sown in abundance. With some of the participants you could literally see the change on their faces.

One participant told of a deep sadness that has been filling her for a long time. Though she has forgiven in the past, she is still not joyous. I taught that forgiveness starts with repentance, with inviting God into the wound and asking Him to forgive us for holding on to the pain for so long. When she invited Yeshua into her sadness, she realized that until that moment she was only forcing herself to forgive, but that she did not really want to. Which is why she was still not free from the pain. Once she invited Him into it, her will was easily submitted to His and for the first time she could make a free choice. The difference was evident. Her facial expression changed, her eyes began to shine and some of her friends even commented about it.

Another woman shared about the abuse she suffered since the tender age of 9. The moment she invited Yeshua into that memory, she felt like she was able to handle that trauma and deal with it through forgiveness.

Those of you who felt led to support me in prayer during the event – thank you. It was felt down there, by the sea of Gallilee. This was just one event in a chain of mighty things God is doing as He restores His widow and turns her into a Bride. I feel so privileged to be a part of it, and blessed that you see its importance and take the time to be there for me.

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