Is God Tabernacling Within You?

What is tormenting you and causing you much pain? We all battle with various problems, sins or bad habits. For a while we may manage to defeat or control them, but then they pop up again. Maybe not as intense, but the root is still there.

Over the years we have developed a special and powerful course, designed to help the believer live his routine in the Holy of Holies and see how God’s glory replaces his or her shame. It is based on the pattern of the Tabernacle, that Moses had built. Here’s just one testimonial from a recent participant:

“The Tabernacle teaching is rich and insightful. Your spirit receives through it a deepening relational with the love of Yeshua. I’ve heard teaching on the Tabernacle before, but this one is head and shoulder above them all. The door, curtain, alter, showbread…. wow! God truly never changes and His love has been from the beginning. I was blessed, refreshed and inspired to share even more of Orna’s teaching. Thank you, Orna, for coming to my church.”

Ruby, Dalton, GA

The Tabernacle program has been taught by Orna numerous times. We are now offering it to English speakers in a new format. Want to hear more? Click on the link below: Tabernacle Brochure



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