Off to Chisinau

April 1903. Kishinov (Chisinau), back than – a part of Romania. The “Christians” in the city ad just finished their Russian Easter masses in the local churches, flooded the streets, and slaughtered the Jews. 700 Jewish homes were robbed, nearly 600 Jews wounded, 49 slaughtered. Babies were torn to pieces by a blood thirsty and enraged throng.

סבתא זילפה1

My grandmother’s family (here with me as a baby) was among them. Her father was murdered. She was only 3 years old.

The local police did not intervene during the first three days. But for the international media and especially for the young Zionist movement, this pogrom was a turning point in planning a solution for the Jews – establishing a land of their own.

Nearly two years ago I flew to Germany, for the first time in my life, and developed the strangest skin reaction, like a burn all over my body. It was painful and took weeks to recover. It also took me a while to realize this is a physical expression of an emotional state. That it was God’s way to show me how much I hold against the Germans, because of the persecution they inflicted on my family from my father’s side.

Well, this coming Tuesday I will be leaving for Kishinov (now the capital of Moldova). I am invited to train a team there, and will write about it in my next post. This one is to recruit your prayers, mostly for my health, as my body already starts “talking.” My chest is burning, my throat hurts, but I keep my ears open to God’s soft voice, pointing to places in my soul that still carry this historical wound.

10 thoughts on “Off to Chisinau”

  1. Many blessings and safe travels to you!! May Abba Father hold you ever so tightly in his almighty hands of love and pour into you as you pour into others!!


  2. Dearest Orna,
    Thank YOU my G-D – we hallow YOUR NAME! YOU are so good! We praise Your Name Yeshua! We exhault YOU! In Your Name, Yeshua, we speak to Orna’s body, mind, emotions, conscientious, subconscientious and command it to line up with the Word of God – she is healed, whole, and complete – in The Name of Yeshua! Orna was perfectly and wonderfully made! The Blood of Yeshua runs through Orna’s veins and the resurrecting power of G-D is inside of her – Glory to God! All 12 systems in her body have to line up with the Word of the Living God – we command it – In Yeshua’s Name! We thank the Lord for opening this door for Orna to walk through and we thank the Lord of Hosts for His angels to encamp around her and her team to protect them everywhere they go! No fear – no torment is allowed – in Yeshua’s Name! SHALOM! SHALOM! SHALOM! We thank G-D for divine appointments – the right relationships for you – what G-D puts together, let no one put asunder! We thank G-D for comfort, shalom, joy & contentment – no matter what you go through! It is all good – count it all joy! Laughter is the best medicine! No problem! Our G-D is awesome – what He brings you to – HE will bring you through! He will bring you safely over the mountains!


  3. Hey Sis, I love your new blog – well done!

    The Spirit came upon me yesterday while at work (Magdala) with such tears and repentance for what us as gentiles have done to the Jewish people during the pogroms and holocaust. Actually, the last week it happened 3 times – that I had to draw aside and give expression to the grief of Yeshua about the injustices and atrocities… Will you PLEASE forgive us for what we did in our arrogance and our ignorance!

    I’m holding onto the LORD with you for a deeper measure of healing in you and through you…


    1. Dear friend. First of all, welcome back. You know how precious you are to me. Ofcourse I forgive, I just realized after the Germany ordeal. that it goes into places I was not aware of. With the Germans, for instance, I had to specifically forgive them for their mentality, before the skin problem was over. So I am not even sure what to forgive and whom concerning that pogrom. Maybe God?


  4. Orna! So this is you? YOU are going to chisinau? Then yes! God’s protection and steadfast love go with you!! Much love and amazing shalom to you for this trip! Love Kirby

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  5. Orna, will be praying for you …even more than I can explain right now! G-d keeps opening more and more doors for you and your team! Nothing will stand in the way of HIS plans for you!!! Our Love and prayers as you go! Walda and Ernie

    Blessings, Walda and Ernie

    We stand with America and Israel

    I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. Isaiah 62:6



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