Who is Knocking on Your Door?

Anger, fear, depression, frustration – what are we to do with all these negative emotions? Why are they so much more powerful than the positive ones? How is it that desperation, jealousy and anxiety, along with a myriad of unpleasant thoughts, take over our horizon and cause us to forget all the good things? Most importantly, what are we to do with the negative thoughts and emotions that try to run our lives. They affect our decision making and our relationships, drain our strength and our resources and make our daily routine unbearable at times.

This book deals with two amazing tools that have proven to be revolutionary in my personal life, and in the lives of many others. These tools are the most prominent and significant part of a more complex process, described in detail in my book “Woven With Gold”, which is available in Hebrew, and soon to be in English too.

The book describes the principles we use in what we call “forgiveness groups”. Over the years we have witnessed tremendous breakthroughs and deliverance through the use of the simple, yet so profound tools described in this booklet.

Now also available, Who Is Knocking on Your Door? – Study Guide.

The series is available both in printed and digital formats. Price for each hard copy is $10, and $8 for digital copies. For purchase of both the book and Study Guide you will also receive a bookmark detailing the practical steps needed for forgiveness.


Contact us at otoomofet@gmail.com for prices in other places around the world, or if you wish to place an order.

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