There Ends a Year

A Short Break  

Three blessings are prayed in synagogues during Rosh HaShana. One of them says: “There ends a year and its maledictions and a new one begins with its blessings.” 

With the approaching holidays and some intense ministry time coming up, I am taking a short break of the Back to “Beit Lehem” series. There are about three more posts I will most likely write before I finish sharing with you that special journey. But until I find the time to do so, I would love to have your prayer support for the upcoming programs.

A Prayer Conference With Arab Women

Tomorrow (September 5) I will join the team of an Arab ministry up north, for a 4 days’ conference. The goal: prayer and healing of brokenness for the women who will attend. Throughout the years, Arab women attended some of Ot OoMofet’s seminars and programs, but this will be my first time to join hands and hearts with the way they do ministry, and learn from them. I look forward to learn more about their spiritual culture, to feel their hearts and spirits, and mostly – to hear God through them and on their behalf.

Teaching The Tabernacle in Armenia

I will be back home for less than a day to unpack and re-pack, and get on a flight to Armenia. “Young Life” is an international ministry, that reaches out to uncommitted, disinterested teenagers and young adults around the world, ​and expose them to the Good News.

They are offering a retreat-training week to their teams across the former Soviet Union, and asked me to teach the Tabernacle. For nearly four days (September 12-16), we will together identify God’s knocks on various doors of their lives, and acquire great tools that can turn any struggle into success, especially in ministry.

I will be back home just in time to prepare for the fast of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Our local congregation already started fasting, and I will join them with a full fast when I come back, as we pray for our city, nation and region.

The week after I will load the pieces of Tabernacle, and set them up on a stage in Jerusalem. Many Gentiles arrive each year from all over the world, in order to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in various conferences. I was asked to teach a session during one of these conferences.

Sometime around the Feast of Tabernacles I also plan to have a party for our Holocaust Survivors, in hope to continue sharing the love of Yeshua with these precious, precious hearts.

Summing Up a Year 

The Jewish calendar ends on this coming Sunday and a new year begins. For the sake of convenience I run our ministry year in accordance with it, even though this is not the Biblical calendar. So as of next week, one year of ministry will end, and the next one will begin while I will be in mid air, on my way to Armenia.

This past year (5778 on the Jewish calendar) was a surprising one, mostly because of the journey to Jordan and the shift it brought in my understanding of God’s Kingdom and my heart. I wait eagerly to see how that will develop.

However, all of these would not take place without those among you who have been supporting Ot OoMofet one way or another. Knowing that there are people who pray for me in accordance with God’s will is such a back bone. I can dedicate the time needed for all these projects because some of you have opened not only your hearts, but your pockets as well. I see it as a partnership. I cannot do what you do, and you cannot do what I do. But we cannot do what we are able to do without one another. Bottom line of these confusing last few sentences is: you have an important part in all these stories that I share with you, and in so many others that I cannot share here for obvious reasons.

I bless you, my brothers and sisters who have a heart for Israel, and who love to see her being restored out of her widowhood and into a mother-nation, and eventually into His Bride. O, I cannot wait for that day.

I bless you with an enlargement of your tents and spheres of influence, and with the ability to hear God’s voice stronger and clearer than any other voice. But not only that, I bless you with a passion to always say “yes” to Him.

Plans For The Coming Year? 

Still in the oven. It looks like it will include moving out of the place where I live now to… well, I still don’t know where. My (only) son left Israel last week for a few years in the Netherlands, to further his academic education in Economics and Philosophy. Not having him around impacts my routine significantly, but also makes it easier to narrow down my space and to travel again. I am so ready for that.

Lior, my 29 years old son, now a student in Roterdam, Holland

We are planning another Tabernacle Seminar for English speakers (end of January – beginning of February). I will send more details later, to those who are interested to register.

How Can You Pray?

  • I always welcome a fresh touch of God’s Hand upon my heart. I would love this year to start with one of these caressings.
  • I could use some clarity of mind concerning moving, and mostly: where to? With the kind of ministry I do, I can live anywhere in Israel. So on one hand, all options are open. I obviously want to follow the cloud where it leads.
  • The salvation of our Holocaust Survivors, and of the entire nation of Israel. Lord, bless them and protect them, make your Faces shine upon them with favor and be gracious to them. Lift up your Faces upon them (so they can see, Yeshua, who you really are) and give them peace (Num. 6:24-26).
  • A tender heart towards God and towards those I minister to, as I go through the various programs. It is so easy to submerge in ministry and in the familiar. Even though God is the main focus, I must confess that I do not always rely on Him. I would cherish prayers on that point: that I will fully let Him lead me and wait on Him when needed, and not follow my own understanding.


5 thoughts on “There Ends a Year”

  1. It is a privilege to partner with you as G-d uses you to touch hearts face to face, even through personal pain. I find your honesty refreshing and pray Adonai will give you refreshing. Hope to come to your the Tabernacle Seminar in Jan-February.


  2. Orna, I loved the story “where were you that morning Sarah”? It does make you think a lot. You understand a bit better how the Ishmaelites might feel and why they feel that way. Very hard no matter how you look at it. It does open our eyes and helps us to see from a different perspective if we are open to. Bless you, Ginnie


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