Back to Beit Lehem (Jordan Journey) Series

The Back to Beit Lehem series brings forth insights derived during a journey to Jordan Orna took in 2018 together with a team of intercessors representing various nations. We invite you to watch a recap of the journey as brought to you in our Back to Beit Lehem youtube series (

To watch the series with Hebrew subtitles, use the following link:

Back to Beit Lehem – בחזרה לבית לחם עם כתוביות בעברית

Crossing Over – A Hebrewism (1)

You Look Like a Ruth (2)

It Is Being Produced Again (3)

A Womb, a Crib and the Dead Sea (4)

Looking Over From Mount Nebo (5)

Falling in Love with a Region (6)

Passing, Crossing and Wrestling (7)

Where Were You That Morning, Sarah? (8)

Sleeping Beauty (9)

Beit Lehem and Glue (10)

Island of Peace (11)

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