He is Always With Me

Meet Rivka Shechman.


Rivka is a vivacious, dignified 87 year old woman. She is clear minded, entertaining and extremely creative. Life did not smile upon Rivka, a holocaust survivor who lost most of her family during the war, and whom she still misses dearly to this day. But she chose to look Death straight in the eye, and to fill her life with color, smiles and actions.

In this book we have compiled some of her poems, as well as some of the colorful oil paintings she created. Together they tell a little about her life story, and her courage to laugh Death in the face time and again.

The cost of the book is $15 plus shipping, and all proceeds of this book go to our holocaust survivors fund.

To order, please contact us via email at otoomofet@gmail.com, on the subject line please state – ordering copies of “He is Always With Me”.




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