Walking Through the Tabernacle

Your worst wounds and battles are not something to suppress or ignore, but a way to manifest God’s incredible Glory. So we invite you to join a special program, that will transform your innermost being and equip you with tools that can turn you into a victorious child of God, a Tabernacle Builder, a healthy and active disciple.

The Mercy Seat – a piece from our half-scaled model of the Tabernacle

Your Pain, His Glory

What is causing you much pain, tormenting you and pushing your buttons? We all have our battlegrounds – problems, sins or bad habits we seem to never get rid of. For a while we may manage to defeat or control them, but then they rear up their ugly heads all over again, and we find out that the root is still there.

Over the years we have developed a powerful course, designed to help the followers of Yeshua practice in their personal lives what the People of Israel were called to do in the original Tabernacle, so that God’s glory can replace the shame, guilt, fear, and any other struggle.

Doing On Earth What is Done in Heaven

The seminar “Walking Through the Tabernacle” is based on the pattern of the Tabernacle built by Moses. This was God’s original design, His way to turn a mob of broken slaves into children of God, warriors, priests.

What worked for them must work for us, if we learn the principles and apply them. This seminar was developed through our own life experiences, and while ministering to extremely broken people. It is a thorough and intense discipleship course, that have proven itself through the lasting results and the revolution it created in the lives of those who chose to walk through it.

Practical Details

The full seminar lasts seven months. Shorter versions of it were offered in Israel and in several places around the world. We now offer the full program in Israel to English speakers, over a period of 9 consecutive days. The next seminar will be held in the old city of Jerusalem, with some of the main Biblical locations as the backdrop.

The dates are September 1-11, 2023 (including 2 days for arrival and departure).

If you would like to join this unique program, please email us for further details at otoomofet@gmail.com.

Some Testimonials

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