It Is Being Produced Again (3)

(“Back to Beit Lehem”    |    The Jordan Journey, part 3    |    May 15-16, 2018)

Priscilla and Tian Jie arrived on the morning of May 15. The season of wheat harvest was at its peak, the sheaves ready to be harvested. Hermana picked them up from the airport and escorted them to one of the nearest fields. They could not resist it. As tired as they were, they had to stop and glean.


The other team members joined us and we started praying. Five of us were going to cross into Jordan, each one with her own ideas and agenda. But what was God’s mind? Well, we had to learn to listen together, if we wanted to figure it out.

This was my first prophetic trip ever. I had no idea that every word spoken, every stressful moment, any misunderstanding – are all symbolic; that all sow their part to the advancement of the plot.

Finally, after two days of talking our heads off, praying, sharing back and forth, eating – of course – and learning to appreciate each other, we felt like we have a common rhythm, a shared heartbeat. That we are ready to hit the road.

Before leaving home we collected 12 stones, just in case we’ll find a resting place for them somewhere in Jordan. And there was one more thing we wanted to put our hands on as we step into the wound…

The Balm of Gilead

Several years ago, at the northern part of the Dead Sea, production of the Biblical Perssimon tree, known as Balsemon, from which the Balm of Gilead is produced, has begun. The Balm of Gilead is an expensive perfume that was produced in the Mountains of Gilead (modern day Northern Jordan).


From Left: Priscilla, myself, Tian Jie and Hermana.
In the background: Balsemon bushes from which the Balm of Gilead is produced

We met with the guy who produces it, and heard a fascinating lecture about the process. The tree when scratched, produces tears of resin. And that weeping of the plant is not in vain – it produces oil that in Biblical days was used as a healing balm (see Jer. 46:11; 8:22). Apparently it takes more than 100 kgs of flowers, leaves or bark to produce just one cup of Balm. Crazily expensive!

We bought a few small bottles and headed north, to the crossing point. As we did that, we realized we are already driving in the wound, in the rift, starting at the southern point that I saw in the picture [see Crossing Over – A Hebrew], which is also the lowest point on planet earth. This was one more reminder that deep healing always starts with true humility of spirit. Anyway, this time we had some healing in our “wings” and a little better understanding of our mission.

Or at least that was what we thought…

3 thoughts on “It Is Being Produced Again (3)”

  1. Precious! Thank you for sharing! Ann

    On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 1:26 PM Orna Grinman | Ot OoMofet Ministries | A Sign and Examp


  2. Keep this series coming!! (And, less time between episodes… LOL!)

    Interestingly, in March, right before Pesach, my wife and I participated in a prayer journey that started in Ariel, went east to the Jordan and then up the east side of the Kinneret and along the Golan. We stopped at major points along the way to read prophecy over the region, particularly Jordan, Syria and Lebanon for healing and for the restoration of the Land to Jacob and kol Israel! Our organizer had used the same terminology of a wound in describing the journey we were praying healing over.

    Abba indeed is speaking the same things to His people. Thank you for your obedience in taking this journey!!


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