Woven with Gold

For years, Nelly was a victim of horrible emotional abuse by her husband. She constantly heard his voice in her mind – condemning, growling and demanding. Things reached a new level the day he actually raised his hand and hit her. Nelly turned to the authorities for help, and her husband was removed from their home. For the first time in years Nelly was able to listen to her own voice, but then she realized, to her amazement, that she did not even fathom that she had the right to utter a sound.

That was the stage in which she joined the “Woven with Gold” workshop we had launched, and in which she allowed God to weave with threads of gold the torn tapestry of her life. From that moment on miracles began happening one after the other. Soon Nelly found her voice. Parallel to what God was doing in her life, He also begun a work in her husband’s heart to bring him to repentance. At one point the courts allowed him back into the home, but this time Nelly had set her own boundaries. That was when her husband discovered just how sweet and desirable her voice was to his ears, and fell in love with her all over again.

The book “Woven With Gold” describes the story of Nelly and her husband, along side the stories of other women who have had enough of their misery, and have asked God to weave with threads of gold the weak spots in their lives. In order to do that they relied on a unique tool – the Tabernacle. This book describe this tool, and guides the readers on how to apply it in every area in which they yearn for a change.


At the moment this book is available only in Hebrew. We are currently working on the English translation and hope to have it ready by the end of the year. As we are proceeding with the translation work of this powerful tool, we highly appreciate your prayers for clarity, wisdom and just the right words.

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