He Found Her in the Field

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He found her thrown in the field, wallowing in mire. Her cord was not severed, nor was she washed with cleansing water, rubbed with salt or wrapped in diapers. No one had compassion enough to do any of these essentials for her. Rather, she was thrown out into the open field, for on the very day she was born, she was despised (Ezk. 16).

An Orphan Restored

But then…

He passed by and saw that baby orphan wallowing in her blood. “In your blood you will live!” He promised her. “In your blood you will live!” He raised her up and spread the corner of His garment to cover her nakedness. He entered into a covenant with her, and she became His.

He washed all the blood away and rubbed ointments on her, clothed her with a gorgeous outfit and adorned her with jewelry. He fed her with honey, olive oil and the finest mill.

As her fame spread among the nations, she started trusting in her beauty and using it to lavish her favors on passers by, turning away from Him. She forgot completely the days of her youth, when she was naked and bare, wallowing in her own blood.


After warning her time and again, He eventually gave her over to the greed of her enemies. Many like to think that this is the end of the story. Well, it’s not. Because later on He remembered the covenant He made with her in the days of her youth, and He even went further and established an everlasting covenant with her.

A Widow Restored

She will turn 70 this week (for the third time). This will mark the anniversary of a fascinating process of restoration. However, she still wallows in her blood. In fact, tonight, the day before the birthday feast, she will mourn as a widow, as a bereaved bride, as an orphan, over the blood of her sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, as we commemorate the death of our fallen soldiers on Israel’s Memorial
Day. The soil of this land is saturated with blood. And she will mourn bitterly for the high price that she is still paying, even though she is back home.

And He will look at her with compassion and with stretched out hands, and say once more: “In the blood of your sons and daughters you will live!”

Or more accurately: “In the blood of My son you will live!”


3 thoughts on “He Found Her in the Field”

  1. Dear Orna,

    Thank you so very much…….this speaks to all of us who are called by His Name. I am praying……..Much Is happening all over the world which will ultimately culminate in the purification, preparation, and reception of Yerushayim for her King, of the bride of Yeshua for her Bridegroom. It is time for all of us to think about and pray about what you have written…..falling on our faces with pure love and thanksgiving to our Faithful, Covenant making and Covenant keeping God. Knowing myself as I was before He rescued, loved, and cleansed me, I surely am doing just that today, especially. We continue to watch and pray, preparing and purifying ourselves.

    God Bless and keep you, Lior, and your family, Adrienne

    On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 12:20 PM Orna Grinman | Ot OoMofet Ministries | A Sign and Examp


  2. Orna, your intercessory heart is heard loud and clear, and as I have read this particular Passage before, I saw the compassion of our God and I’ve read it before to those who were forsaken by their parents, I also recognized that God was speaking prophetically about Isreal as most or all of the Old Testament does, He always expresses His Love to Her, and He will never forsaken Her. I absolutely love your heart of love in your articles, it is felt.


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