Dana was born in Latvia during the Soviet occupation and grew up in a world where there was only one truth – the one of the Communist party. Anyone believing differently was persecuted. Yet, Dana`s grandmother, with her prayers and stories about how Jesus worked in her life, and Dana`s father with his silent protest against the Communists, planted in her a desire to seek things outside the box and on 1997 she gave her life to Jesus.

10 years later God took her out of a career in Law and brought her to Israel, to start a new and exciting life with Him. She experienced a deep healing trough forgiveness, made it her lifestyle and responded to God`s calling to be a tool in His hands and bring healing to others. Since 2005 – building Tabernacles in her heart has become her daily practice, and brought freedom from deep childhood wounds in various areas of her life.

Dana works with her Israeli born husband in tourism, and fulfills her passion to extend God`s love, compassion and healing to the most broken hearted, and especially to survivors of sexual abuse. She volunteers regularly at the Jerusalem Rape Crisis center, participates in different projects of Ot Oo’Mofet and coaches people through the process of forgiveness, helping them rise above their brokenness into the Glory of God.

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