Off to Chisinau

April 1903. Kishinov (Chisinau), back than – a part of Romania. The “Christians” in the city ad just finished their Russian Easter masses in the local churches, flooded the streets, and slaughtered the Jews. 700 Jewish homes were robbed, nearly 600 Jews wounded, 49 slaughtered. Babies were torn to pieces by a blood thirsty and enraged throng.

סבתא זילפה1

My grandmother’s family (here with me as a baby) was among them. Her father was murdered. She was only 3 years old.

The local police did not intervene during the first three days. But for the international media and especially for the young Zionist movement, this pogrom was a turning point in planning a solution for the Jews – establishing a land of their own.

Nearly two years ago I flew to Germany, for the first time in my life, and developed the strangest skin reaction, like a burn all over my body. It was painful and took weeks to recover. It also took me a while to realize this is a physical expression of an emotional state. That it was God’s way to show me how much I hold against the Germans, because of the persecution they inflicted on my family from my father’s side.

Well, this coming Tuesday I will be leaving for Kishinov (now the capital of Moldova). I am invited to train a team there, and will write about it in my next post. This one is to recruit your prayers, mostly for my health, as my body already starts “talking.” My chest is burning, my throat hurts, but I keep my ears open to God’s soft voice, pointing to places in my soul that still carry this historical wound.