Ears, Eyes, Heart

“It is time, Lord”, I declared this morning, as I meditated on Isaiah’s cry: “How long, Lord? Until when?”

Isaiah just wanted to tell everyone of the Glory he had witnessed, but instead was commanded to proclaim a severe punishment upon our nation, the punishment called “Hidden Faces” (Isa. 6:9-10).

How can one ignore an ultimate Truth when it is right in front of their eyes? How can we not hear and see the real thing, even when miracles are happening? I tended to think it is impossible – to be that deaf and blind… until I checked my own heart and realized how common this phenomenon is.

I have been battling an ear infection this past week. The pain started going up towards my right eye and down towards my jaw. Since I was preparing for an adventurous journey to Jordan that starts today (will share more with you when I come back next week), I wanted to get my health restored quickly. So I begged the doctor to prescribe some antibiotics. But he would not agree. “I can’t find anything wrong. Both your ears and throat are clear, so I cannot prescribe anything!” Ouch!

This morning I finally got the point. It’s my spiritual ear that is battling with infection, not the physical one. No wonder the doctor could not find anything.

I realized that God was pointing towards my own spiritual deafness, and also using the pain to recruit me to pray for the eyes and ears and heart of my nation. This week is a powerful and exciting one for Israel. We are 70 years old (plus a few thousands), we dealt so professionally with an Iranian threat from Syria, America just moved its embassy to Jerusalem, and we even won the Eurovision contest.

The line seems to tend in our favor in many other fronts, but does it transform our hearts? Does it put an end to our dulled ears and closed eyes? I would love to believe it does, but I think I should better recruit your prayers specifically for that.

Enzo Montano: I manichini di Monaco – Sylvia Plath

In face of everything that is happening now, it is time, I believe, for the heart and eyes and ears of the Jewish nation to soften, to look at the real reality, to see His mighty hand pulling the strings and to listen to His heartbeat.

Answering Isaiah’s painful cry, God gave him a historic time line, that explains when we will see and hear and understand:

“Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant, until the houses are left deserted and the fields ruined and ravaged, until the Lord has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken. And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land” (v. 11-13).

Indeed, our land laid in ruin for centuries, her children were in exile, she was like a widow – forsaken and in waste. Now this old oak tree is being revived as the holy seed is being restored. This is the time we live in.

I am choosing to turn a soft, listening ear, to the Beloved of my soul. To align my heartbeat with His, and not to focus on my own beat and plans. “What is it that you are saying now, and I am struggling to hear?” I asked.

I think He is saying: “It is time!”

Will you pray with me? The Feast of Pentecost will be celebrated this coming weekend. In the synagogues they will be reading the book of Ruth, so once more let me use a couple of images and symbols of this timely account, as I recruit you to pray…

  • That the wrinkled, old, bitter widow – Israel – will soften her heart and will incline her ears and eyes to see the Redeemer in the story.

And in preparation for the journey I am about to start, I would ask you to pray for the relationship between Israel and her surrounding neighbors:

titled "Buck Up Buttercup"

  • That we will reconcile with the various Ruths around us.
  • That these nations will wake up to their true calling, and choose to be a part of the Big Story of Restoration.
  • That they would not insist to remain an “Orpah” – the one who turned her neck towards the destiny of Naomi and went back to her comfort zone, but out of the story.


8 thoughts on “Ears, Eyes, Heart”

  1. Hello dear Orna,so incredible to read you again,this days The Lord highlighted for me to read your blog.
    I had around 4-5years ago in the prayer room this picture of JESs with a half of his face hidden and I knew at that moment that Even was showing me something about Israel.And in my spirit I saw under that cover that it was liek a wound on half of his face (like burnt part) at that moment I did not understand it but reading your blog and the Bible it makes it more and more clear.Thank you for your heart for women and Israel.Abundant love in the Lord and such an honor to have met you in Moldova


    1. Shalom Victoria,

      This is a powerful picture, the one you saw. It’s His own tears, from His wounded face, that will heal all these wounds. And when you join Him in prayer, especially those who live in the northern countries, you join His tears and contribute your part to the healing process.


  2. Hi Orna, I saw and heard you speak at Hitchin Christian centre a while ago, and know that you are booked to come back at the end of the year. The reason I am writing is that ,as I am coming to Israel for 6 weeks mid Aug to early Oct,I really enjoyed listening to you,and would love to know if it would be possible to see or visit you around this time,I would love to prepare to make aliyah too. I am still not sure where to stay,looking for cheap BairB or christian guest houses. I believe you are near Kfar Sava but not sure. I am just coming on my own, a single lady, and a recommended good fellowship would also be helpful. Shalom and many thanks,(I do enjoy your emails too,so sensitive and alive) Linda(Powell-Jones)


  3. Thank you Orna, what a Blessing and timely Realization of how how Hearing and Seeing with Yeshua’s eyes can activate the ❤️of the Fathee within us and the Holy Spirit will quicken our Response when and where He leads Us.


  4. That is the heart of my prayers for ears to open and eyes to see since I began praying for Isreal. As we witness the aligning of Nations, even confirming the Capital of Isreal is very much confirming to His plans for us all, He’s working in our own hearts, so it is time, indeed, no one left out for His readiness. Great and timely word!!


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