“His Faces”


Available in hard copy ($15 Plus S&H) or digital format ($10)

“His Faces” examines an ancient phenomenon that is hidden from many readers of the Bible, especially those who don’t read the OT in the original Hebrew. The book explores a brief history of Israel through the lens of Deut. 32:20.

The OT teaches that God has been hiding a certain part of His Faces from Israel, as a part of a national punishment He warned them of, prior to entering the Land in the days of Joshua. It explains the horrors and terrible suffering the Jewish nation has undergone throughout its history.

When the prophet Isaiah understood it, he cried, “Lord, how long?” (Is. 6:11), meaning: how long will they not recognize who you really are and continue to suffer?

This hiddenness has lasted centuries but is about to end.

In a flowing, simple language, this book makes an abstract theological issue accessible. The book describes a fascinating, tragic period in the spiritual history of Israel, which calls for the church to actively participate in the healing process.

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