The Chisinau Experience

The evening before I started the seminar – we took time to prepare our hearts and spirits. No, we are not sleeping here. This is a sweet and sincere group of young men and women, with a right spirit and open hearts.

We spent 4 or 5 hours studying the Word together and worshiping. What a refreshing experience!

Marina came to Chisinau from Germany about ten years ago. God sent her to care for the “lost children of Moldova.” Apparently, Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Many children are abandoned here by their parents, who leave the country in search of jobs elsewhere. Sadly, at times they choose to establish brand new families and do not even return for the children they left there.

Marina traveled to various villages in her van with games for the children, and brought them some hope and joy.

The responses to the forgiveness seminar were heartwarming. Some of the people in attendance were so broken. The range of what they can do within the law is limited, even when extreme abuse is involved. At times forgiveness is the only way out of the horrors, and they truly did embrace it gladly and wholeheartedly. I am waiting to hear some reports, and will gladly share them with you later on.


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