My Personal Story

An Israeli, a Sabra (born and raised in Israel), a lover of books, and especially The Book. I am fascinated with the Hebrew language and with the God who created the world through the mere expression of Hebrew words.

On 1983, a short time after I finished my service at the IDF, I traveled to South Africa. There I met a family of Israel-loving Gentiles. From them I learned to see Jesus of Nazareth – Yeshua – as the best friend of my people, and not as our greatest enemy as I was raised to believe. After the initial shock and despite my deep resistance, I realized they held the truth. This foreign figure is none other than the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, who has been waiting for centuries to return home, to His brothers and sisters.

Since then I discovered a new passion: to see broken hearts restored, and troubled areas within us filled with something incomprehensible, something I call “The Glory of God”.



In 2003 I established Ot OoMofet ministries (Hebrew for “A sign and Example”). God called us to restore widows and orphans, and proclaim His names as “The God of Israel”, and “The Father to the fatherless and the Defender of widows”. One of our main focuses is turning stories of brokenness and hardships into stories of victory.

Besides ministering to the broken-hearted in Israel, I now teach worldwide about the widowhood of Israel, who is bring restored and transformed into a mother nation, and about the role of the church as a Ruth on behalf of modern “Naomi”.

One thought on “My Personal Story”

  1. I listened to you minister at New Life Assembly of God in Venice Florida. Your message ministered to me and I came forward for prayer. Thank you. God bless you and your ministry.


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