She Said “Yes”

“I have no feet, I cannot walk. I hardly hear or see, but I am healthy,” declares Rivka Weiss, who spends most of her days in her living room armchair. “And I have good genes, the kind of genes that survived Auschwitz.”

Rivka loves taking her guests through an album she created,
with pictures that tell of Israel’s modern history.
The IDF sends soldiers to her regularly, to hear her story and learn from her

She tells how she used to believe in God until Hitler came and her entire family was gone. That since than she believes in fate only. Fate is what took care of her and fate is what prevented Dr. Mengale from engaging her in all his sick experiments.

Something great happened this week. Friends of mine, who minister to Holocaust Survivors in her area, kept visiting her regularly, but could never really share about God. There was always someone near by, watching and listening. This time my friends had a whole hour with Rivka all alone.

They told her about God’s love, and that He is the one that saved her life, not just a blind fate. They told her that He still loves her, through Yeshua. That He wants to fill her heart with peace and eternal joy.

Rivka listened, and expressed her desire to invite Him into her life. For the first time she said “Yes” to the God she thought did not exist.

These friends will continue to visit her regularly, check on her and hopefully lead her deeper into a living and real relationship with God. Would you please pray for her salvation, for a deep peace to take over her troubled heart and broken body, and for the Jewish Face of our Messiah to be revealed to her?


I have been asking God to bring me to Holocaust Survivors in my area, so I can get my congregation involved and be able to visit them more often.

About a month ago I was contacted by Chosen People Ministries. Apparently, they have about 15 of them on their lists, living within a few minutes’ walk from me, but they are unable to visit them regularly, as their hands are full with those in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I felt so honored to be considered by God worthy of contacting these 15 precious souls.


Together with CPM we threw a little party for them on the Feast of Tabernacles, and are planning to set up regular visits and even a fun club activity every month or two.

When we finished eating, one of them started singing about his longing for his mama. He is over 80, and the longing is still there.

Our goal is to relieve their loneliness, but above all – to expose them to God’s love, so that all of them will eventually say YES to the Lover of their soul, whom they perceive to be either non-existent or an enemy.

If you have these precious broken people on your heart, please join me in prayer for their salvation. The arrow I shoot towards the target whenever I pray for them is based on Hebrews 2:15: “God, release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage!”

May He shine His Faces towards them and be gracious to them, may He lift up His Faces upon them and give them peace. Soften their hearts and cause them to put Your name upon themselves so that you will bless them (see Num. 6:24-27).

6 thoughts on “She Said “Yes””

    1. I will be in Dalton this weekend (November 10-12) conducting a Forgiveness/Tabernacle seminar at Fellowship Bible Church, 2044 Dug Gap Rd., Dalton, GA. 30720. For information about times please call Ramona (706) 278-6269. Or Kirby (706) 313-5922. I would love to see you there. And you are welcome to invite whoever you think will benefit of that.


  1. I’ll be praying that Rivka and others are touched by your ministry and the Love of God will draw them to Salvation through YESHUA! Praise God.


  2. Oh my Sis, it is SUCH wonderful news – to hear about Rivka!!!!

    We are currently in a place of waiting before the LORD to get strategy about spreading the nets for prayer to the nations. This is part of the reason why we’re holding back on our Zoom Balm-of-Gilead meetings.

    We need strategy … very aware that the harvest is ripe and the times are drastic!

    Love you my Sis,

    H xx


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