I Will Tabernacle Inside You


Tabernacling? Is this even a legitimate word? My automatic proofreader does not seem to like it. “Dwelling” or “Abiding” is probably the term you are more familiar with. But the Hebrew noun and verb, used in verses like Zec. 2:14-15 and plenty of others, mean something so much more tangible and powerful than “dwelling in our midst”. It means the same structure Moses and his craftsman erected in the desert, God will build inside each one of us. Our part? To provide Him the right materials (spoiler, these would not be our wits and strengths) and put each piece of furnishing in its right location. He will then descend with His glory and fill up the very shameful spots in our personality and conduct, all those weaknesses we work so hard to hide.

I witnessed that happening time and again, as people present to God their broken and thorny “acacia woods” (various areas of major struggles in their lives), versus covering them with layers of deeds and works.

Last week we (Dana and I) did it with a small group of tourists, who came to Israel almost entirely for this purpose: to learn how they can turn their brokenness into a Sign and Example of God’s glory. For nearly 9 intensive days we coached them through each piece, pressing in and walking through, burning what ought to be burned, washing our understanding to align with His Word, allowing His light to clarify our chaos and darkness, devouring His truth to replace our lies, etc.


At the Lampstand God’s light sheds into the dark roots of our battles, exposing our core lies


Some touching glorious moments of worshiping together

Dana (my partner in this project) and I built Tabernacles inside our own hearts, alongside our participants. As I was preparing for the seminar, I realized God was pinpointing gently towards my tendency to alienate myself from myself, and mostly to bypass my feelings. I always knew I am not easily connecting to my emotions, but only last week I realized how estranged I am from them, and what is the root for that.

I approached the Bronze Altar with much repentance and forgiveness, and when I got to the Basin, I did a thorough study of  key words that translate into “alienation” – all of them from the book of Ruth. Studying these verses in their context started washing my understanding with the water of His Word, and the result was many challenging questions that came up within me.

At the Lampstand, some hidden lies and inner vows were exposed. The one that surprised me the most, the one I was clueless about although now – that it is in the light – I realize what a corner stone this has been in the way I handle almost everything in my life, was: “People can get to know me through my deeds, thoughts, wisdom. Not through my feelings. My feelings are not who I am, and they are very uncomfortable”.

Once this was exposed I rushed back to the Bronze Altar and repented of believing it. I am now heading towards the Table of Shewbread, where I will be looking for a great contradicting truth, a piece of divine bread that will feed my hunger and take over the lie, something that will become a solid rock inside me and will give me the assurance that feelings are good, and that they are a definite part of who I am.

Would you like to join one of our next Tabernacle Seminars? Email me and we’ll send you more details.

16 thoughts on “I Will Tabernacle Inside You”

  1. Hello, just heard about your Tabernacle Workshop from my American friend. I am very interested. When is your next course in Israel in English? Can you send some details?


  2. My friend has recently been to a Tabernacle Workshop and highly recommends it Do you have one scheduled in Israel in English any time this fall or even in 2019? Your Event page is being work on at the moment. Thanks, Penny


      1. I’m very interested in the February 2019 English seminar and would love to have more information about it: date, time, place and any requirements necessary.
        Thank you so much,
        Mary Ellen “Penny” Hiller


  3. Oh, sounds like what I lack…well, the Lord knows what I lack….what I need? ..He knows that too. But for me I would love to attend a seminar like these.


  4. Thank you for sharing this. I really wish there was a seminar in UK. My disability makes it hard to move far now or I would come to kfar saba…Not sure if my friend Debora de souza correa will get to the kehila or not…but she says she knows your sister well.

    I am also struggling as buried pain and disappointments? Grief and more surface as really strong almost rage as soon as anyone is near enough to listen. The Lord is kind to show me he understands (through your open heart and through a Christian book I was sent to read for the blind called Those who wait. Finding God in disappointment, doubt and delay Tanya Marlow. This author dramatizes the feelings of Sarai when she has to leave all that is familiar; when they end up in Egypt and her husband betrays her to the lusting gazes of men (by saying she is his sister) and when she finds holding on to a promise for so many years hard (re Yitzak).

    I am praying for Israel as the borders are breached. Messiah is surely coming soon.

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  5. Thank you, Orna, for sharing the details of your walking through the process. That is really helpful for me.


  6. To confirm your beautiful word is very Scriptural, 2 Corinthians 6: 16: other places speaks of being a temple of the Holy Spirit, and according to the workings of the Holy Spirit of bringing us into the likiness of Christ that He’s bring forth in all who allow, we bear witness of Him doing so, at this very moment, He is doing this exchange work in me…less of me, more of Him!!!!! Certainly timely article, a fine one for sure thank you, dear Orna, even though the Scripture uses the word ” dwell in you”, Tabernacle is more appropriate for the Lord’s intimate closeness and nature that we can respond to


  7. Orna,

    Will you be doing any Tabernacle workshops in the U.S.?

    On Mon, May 7, 2018, 2:11 PM Orna Grinman | Ot OoMofet Ministries | A Sign and Examp


    1. I probably do one next time I come, but as of now, I have no trips to the US planned. Also, the ones I do when I travel are just a review of the full process. It takes time and some help to go through the full program. This is what we offer in the seminar in Israel.


  8. Beautiful! We are always growing—always being formed into His likeness. The fact that Yeshua allowed His emotions to be recorded has always been of great comfort. If Yeshua wept (and He did) when He already knew the outcome, so can I. If Yeshua struggled to the point of sweating drops of blood, so can I. And on and on…thank you for a glimpse sweet sister.


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