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January 26 – February 5, 2019. 

Tabernacle Seminar for English Speakers – Who is knocking on your door?

How can you manage your painful feelings and thoughts, so that they won’t rule your life?

Suppose you had an extremely good day at work. In the evening you find out someone did something that hurts you. Now you’re upset, and you can’t even recall the wonderful day you’ve had so far. On the other hand, suppose you had a rough day at work. When you get home, you find everything calm and peaceful. Will the peaceful ending to your day completely remove even the memory of the hard day you experienced? No, not in the same speed by which you let go of the positive feelings and thoughts after a great day.

Why is it that painful emotions have so much more power than the positive ones? Why do they take over our horizon, get stuck in our mind and make us forget all the good things that happen?

This workshop equips the participants with two powerful tools that can overturn any battlefield in our lives. Most importantly: they are both based on Scriptures.

Our next workshop will be held on… The cost…

For more information write to Orna Grinman at otoomofet@gmail.com


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